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Experiment: Monkeys in a cage and a bunch of bananas

Cell. There are 5 monkeys in it. A bunch of bananas are tied to the ceiling. Below them is a staircase. Hungry, one of the monkeys went to the stairs with the clear intention to get a banana. As soon as she touched the stairs, the tap opens and ALL monkeys are poured with very cold water. It takes a little time, and another monkey is trying to feast on a banana. The same icy water. The third monkey, having become stupid for hunger, tries to get a banana, but the rest grab it, not wanting a cold shower. Now, remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new monkey. She immediately, noticing the bananas, tries to get them. To her horror, she sees the evil faces of the rest of the monkeys attacking her. After the third attempt, she realized that she could not get a banana. Now remove one of the original five monkeys from the cage and run the new one there. As soon as she tried to get a banana, all the monkeys unanimously attacked her, and the one that was replaced by the first (and even enthusiastically). And so, gradually replacing all the monkeys, you will come to a situation where there will be 5 monkeys in the cage, which were not watered with water at all, but which will not allow anyone to get a banana. Why? Because it is so accepted here …

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5 interesting facts about Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun-2-089d9e21. Birth And Early Years:

Tutankhamun was born at Akhenaten in the year 1346BC. He became a Pharaoh at a tender age of nine in the year 1338. He reigned during the 18th Dynasty when the Egyptian Empire was at its

2. Tutankhamun Was Born Tutankheten:

Tutankhamun’s father, Akhenaten wanted the Egyptians to worship just the sun god Aten, instead of their chief deity Amun or any other god. Aten at the end of Akhenaten and Tutankheten signified the same. Tutankheten means ‘living image of Aten’ and Akhenaten means the ‘servant of Aten’. Unfortunately, Akhenaten ‘s changes did not go down well with his subjects. So, when Tutankhamun took over, he changed things back to how they were. He reopened the closed temples, restored the god Amun to his former glory and moved the capital back to Thebes. He even changed his name to Tutankhamun, which means the ‘living image of Amun’.

3. He Married One Of His Half Sisters:

It is believed that Tutankhamun has married one of his half-sisters. Akhenaten, Tutankhamun’s father, was married to Nefertiti, with whom he had six daughters. Akhenaten also had a second wife, named Kira, who is said to be the mother of Tutankhamun. It is said that Tutankhamun married Ankhesenpaaten, one of the six daughters of Nefertiti and Akhenaten. Confused? So are we!

4. A Well-Nourished Leader:

CAT scans done on the Tutankhamun’s body revealed the he was around 5 feet 8 inches tall. He was of slight build, but well nourished.

5. The Boy King:

King Tut was nicknamed Boy King as he began ruling just at the age of nine. Since Tutankhamun was young, he needed help in governing the country. Hence, he was aided by his general Horemheb and vizier named Aye. Aye later succeeded Tutankhamun to the throne.

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6. a — Look at these sentences from Exercise 4 and answer the questions.

a. Some people say there must be a creature in the lake.

b.  Others say there can’t be any creature.

c.  They could be looking, for her with the wrong equipment.

d.  The monster might live under the ground somewhere in the loch.

6. b — Complete the sentences with must be, can’t be, could be, or might be. There may be more than one possible answer.

1.Be careful with that dog. It might be dangerous.

2.It can’t be that difficult. Even my little brother knows how to do it.

3.You really want to go bungee jumping? You might be mad.

4.  A: Where’s Gemma?

B: She might be in her room. I’m not sure.

5.You could be hungry already. You’ve just had lunch.

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Image result for UFO1.What do you think the circle outside the window is?


I think that’s a UFO

2.Have you ever seen anything like this in the sky?

I have never seen a UFO. I don’t believe that they exist.

3.Do you think the picture is real or fake?

I think this picture is fake.

4.Have you ever read or heard any ‘true’ stories about UFOs? Do you think they really exist?

I have heard many stories about UFOs, but I don’t believe in them.

2. a. Circle the correct option. Then check your answer in texts A and B in Exercise 1b.

1.Althrough the area was an air field, the details of the crash sounded strange.

2.Even though some officers said they had seen bodies of aliens, few believed the UFO story.

3.However, in 1978 the story appeared again.

4.In spite of investigations we still dont know what really happened on that day in 1947.

5.Even though there have been further investigations we still don’t know what really happened at the Roswell that day.

2. c. Combine the sentences using the words in brackets. There may be more than one possible answer.

1.I’m going for a run even though it’s raining.

2.Even though it’s raining I’m going for a run.

3.Although he didn’t have any evidence we believed his story about the UFO.

4.Even though this sound weird I saw a body of an alien.

5.Despite they are very rich they aren’t happy.

6.However I know people who have seen UFOs I don’t believe UFOs exist.

7.In spite of the investigators had suspicions they believed what they heard about the crash.

8.They didn’t believe his story even though he had photographs of aliens.

9.I didn’t like the book although I enjoyed the film.

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The wonder

Image result for հրաշքըThis book is called «The Wonder». This story was about a boy who studied at home before the fifth grade, because he was born unusual and with many diseases. This became a problem for him, because everyone looked at him strangely, but he had to exceed it. I really liked this book, because it proves that everything is malleable. I think that people who suffer from some kind of illness should read this book in order to understand that they are part of the community, and they should not suffer, they should struggle for life. August, that boy, I think he overcаme these difficulties due to his parents and his friends. His schoolmates helped him, but before they laughed at him. I think everybody must read this book, because it can teach you, that everybody has right to be a part of this wonderful life…